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  • Belts and bandages

    Medical evidence:

    • For warming and bracing muscles.
    • Prophylaxis and treatment of spinal diseases, corrects posture.
    • Keeping the back and abdominal muscles toned after injuries and surgeries.
  • Bandages and dressings

    Bandages and dressings

    Medical evidence:

    • For warming and bracing muscles.
    • Prevention of traumas of joints, ligaments and muscles at physical loads.
    • Fast first aid treatment - restraining of injured parts of the body.
    • Posttraumatic recovery.
    • Prophylaxis and treatment of chronic diseases of veins.
    • Posttraumatic recovery.
  • For Fitness
  • Compression products

    Medical Indications:

    • Chronic venous insufficiency
    • Lower limb varicose veins 
    • Varicose veins during pregnancy 
    • Varicose veins due to obesity
    • Trombophlebitis, arthritis
    • Occupational diseases
    • Rehabilitation 

    Physical Training, Sports, Traveling:

    • Protection of veins under stress.

    Advantages of medical compressive products

    • modern equipment and technologies are used for weaving compressive products and their subsequent thermal processing.
    • each size of the products is woven on the equipment of the corresponding diameter.
    • compression level of the products is set in strict compliance with medical requirements.
    • the products pass a compulsory test - monitoring of the gradable distribution of compression.
    • production of compressive stockinet makes high demands of the materials used for production. The products are woven from the filaments recommended by the European Standard RAL GZ for medical goods.

    In the LUX class products, raw materials of well-known European manufacturers are used – lycra twisted over with new modern polyamide threads. Due to the structure of weaving and the properties of the threads, air exchange and the hydroscopic properties of the products increase.
    Methods of application: the compressive products can be used at inpatient and outpatient institutions and at home. The product form (medical long socks, stockings, mono-stockings or tights) is selected depending on the affected venous segment. The upper edge of the product must be 5-10 cm above the affected zone.  When the application of a compressive product is required on one leg, a mono-stocking can be used with a fastener at the waistline. A mono-stocking can also be applied as an alternative to men’s tights.  
    The procedure of putting on the compressive products. Prior to putting on the compressive products, we recommend to take the jewellery off your hands. It is recommended to use rubber gloves. Most often the products are torn or worn in the area of the feet or toes. This can be a result of footwear defects, corns, calloused skin on the heels, long nails on the toes – pay attention to the condition of your footwear and feet. We do not recommend pulling and cutting technological threads on the inner side of the product, as well as threads and loops which appear due to careless wear. 

    1. Put on rubber gloves.
    2. Place your hand inside the product’s toe.
    3. Turn it out up to the heel, holding the top of the product with your other hand.
    4. Take the product with both hands in such a way that your thumbs are inside.
    5. Stretching the product both ways, put it on gradually, several centimetres at a time, as if rolling it on and pulling it up with the padded part of your fingers. Put the product on in a sitting position. 
    6. When putting the product on in a lying position, the legs must be half-bent in the physiologically horizontal position. 
    7. Special care must be observed when putting the product on at its narrowest part – the heel area. Check after putting the product on – so that the product's heel and your heel coincide!
    8. Smooth out the product on your legs.

    Wearing schedule. Unless prescribed otherwise by the doctor, we recommend you to put the product on in the morning and wear it for the whole day. An important factor of successful therapy is regular wear of the curative medical stockinet. Termination of the compression may contribute to the progression of the disease and the worsening of symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. The silicone band must not come into contact with water, soap or cream. For cleaning and restoring the sticky properties of the silicone, we recommend to wipe the band with a sponge dampened in white spirit (30-40%). Under the conditions of daily wear, it is recommended to purchase two pairs for the convenience of usage. Please note! When the size is selected correctly, the product of compression class two can cause unpleasant sensations and an increase in pain during the first days of wearing. Such complaints should be disregarded until the removal of the oedema. To adapt to wearing the compressive stockinet, it is permissible to reduce the wear duration initially, subsequently increasing daily until the required duration is achieved.
    Rules for taking off compressive products. Prior to taking off the product, remove all jewellery from your hands. The same way as when putting on the product, it is recommended to use rubber gloves. Take the product by its top end and pull it down by rolling out towards the foot. While rolling out, carefully take the product off the heel and the front part of your foot. Please note! When taking off the stocking, never pull it by the silicone band. This can damage the product in the place where the silicone band is fixed to the main part of the stocking. 

    The products are produced on 1 and 2 gro wth: 1 height 158-170 см (A-G 65-73), 2 height 170-182 см (A-G 74-82).
    According to the compression degree, the products are subdivided into:

    • Prophylactic compressive products (compression degree of up to 18 mm Hg) are intended for the prevention and recovery of venous and cardiovascular insufficiency and the prevention of lower limb deep vein thrombosis and embolisms. They are also effective for heavy and weary leg sensations and minor oedemas in the shin area, capillaceous spider veins, spider-burst and thread veins. Pregnant women with prophylaxis of varicose veins, risk group professions (work in a standing or sitting position for long periods and weight lifting) and persons with a predisposition to varicose veins or obesity benefit as well. 
    • Treatment and preventive products of compression class 1 (18 mm Hg to 21 mm Hg) are intended for the treatment and prevention of venous insufficiency at the initial stage: numbness, creeps and strutting sensations, minor oedemas and pain in the feet and shin area towards the end of the day, prophylaxis of varicose veins during pregnancy and after delivery, work in a standing or sitting position for long periods and for persons with a predisposition to varicose veins or obesity.  
    • Treatment and preventive products of compression class 2 (23 mm Hg to 32 mm Hg) are intended for the treatment of varicose disease in the absence of trophic disturbances, prevention of deep vein thrombosis in risk groups, any signs of chronic venous insufficiency during pregnancy and after childbirth, post sclerotherapy status, after and before phlebectomy surgery as well as other surgeries, in cases of acute thrombophlebitis, post thrombophlebitic syndrome, a post traumatic oedema. Please note! The application of products of compression class 2 requires the consultation of a medical specialist.


  • For Women

    Basic Advantages of the Collection for Women:

    • Compulsory clinical testing at the leading medical institutions of Latvia, Russia and other regions of sales;
    • Usage of certified elastic materials high in cotton, modern elastic materials having extra stability of shape and the Akwadyne® cloth of increased comfort;
    • ISO 9001:2000 Certificate on meeting the international management and quality system standards; 
    • Usage of exclusive design and modern trends in underwear fashion and materials;
    • Usage of modern computer technology for designing and tailoring models;
    • Usage of modern sewing equipment and advanced technologies.

    Breakthrough in Production!

    • Embroidery on cambric, new colours, bicolour laces; 
    • New body-forming trend;
    • Availability of the curative and rehabilitation trend;
    • Seamless shaped cups;
    • Availability of models for very large breasts.

    TONUS ELAST underwear provides protection, comfort, functionality and elegancy. The correctly selected models will help to retain an excellent figure during the entire period of pregnancy and especially after childbirth.

  • For Children's
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