Long socks with toecap woman man Class II 23-32mmHg 360 medical compression Lauma AD207 made in Latvia

Are used in case of more clear signs of venous insufficiency: varicose veins, often swelling in legs, pain in calves and feet after standing, nighttime leg cramps, many asterisks; in the postoperative period, or after sclerotherapy.

Composition: Nylon-60%, Lycra-40%

The Anti-bacterial treatment of silver ions Sanitized® Silver

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Compression products stabilize blood circulation and are indispensable in compression therapy.

Improve blood circulation; proven to be effective in preventing varicose veins; prevent swelling, pain and fatigue in legs. Assist in preventing chronic venous insufficiency in the case of genetic predisposition to venous diseases, tiredness in legs; during work that requires prolong sitting or standing, for persons who live a sedentary lifestyle; on long airline flights or car rides. Reinforced toe and heel ensure product durability. The products are intended for prophylaxis, treatment and compressive therapy of varicose and lower limb varicose veins, in case of hereditary predisposition, excessive weight, during pregnancy and after delivery, work in a standing or sitting position for long periods and weight lifting.

The compression degree for treatment is selected individually by a doctor!

Treatment and preventive products of compression class 2 (23 mm Hg to 32 mm Hg) are intended for the treatment of varicose disease in the absence of trophic disturbances, prevention of deep vein thrombosis in risk groups, any signs of chronic venous insufficiency during pregnancy and after childbirth, post sclerotherapy status, after and before phlebectomy surgery as well as other surgeries, in cases of acute thrombophlebitis, post thrombophlebitic syndrome, a post traumatic oedema.

The size should be selected according to the leg measurements: the ankle circumference in the narrowest part, the shin circumference in the widest part, the shin circumference under the knee, the circumference of the upper third of the thigh, the thigh circumference below the buttock (see the measurement places on the packaging). The measurements are made either independently or with the participation of an assistant or a specialist. The measurements must be done with the legs in a horizontal position, in the morning (prior to the appearance of oedemas) or for the legs after rest.

Methods of application: the compressive products can be used at inpatient and outpatient institutions and at home. The product form (medical long socks, stockings, mono-stockings or tights) is selected depending on the affected venous segment. The upper edge of the product must be 5-10 cm above the affected zone.  When the application of a compressive product is required on one leg, a mono-stocking can be used with a fastener at the waistline. A mono-stocking can also be applied as an alternative to men’s tights.  
The procedure of putting on the compressive products. Prior to putting on the compressive products, we recommend to take the jewellery off your hands. It is recommended to use rubber gloves. Most often the products are torn or worn in the area of the feet or toes. This can be a result of footwear defects, corns, calloused skin on the heels, long nails on the toes – pay attention to the condition of your footwear and feet. We do not recommend pulling and cutting technological threads on the inner side of the product, as well as threads and loops which appear due to careless wear. 

  1. Put on rubber gloves.
  2. Place your hand inside the product’s toe.
  3. Turn it out up to the heel, holding the top of the product with your other hand.
  4. Take the product with both hands in such a way that your thumbs are inside.
  5. Stretching the product both ways, put it on gradually, several centimetres at a time, as if rolling it on and pulling it up with the padded part of your fingers. Put the product on in a sitting position. 
  6. When putting the product on in a lying position, the legs must be half-bent in the physiologically horizontal position. 
  7. Special care must be observed when putting the product on at its narrowest part – the heel area. Check after putting the product on – so that the product's heel and your heel coincide!
  8. Smooth out the product on your legs.