ITONUS 0411 Foam cervical collar (2 in 1 soft with fix) with a cotton cover and plastic orthosis, support, medical bandage

Indications: torticollis, cervical osteochondrosis, in case of tendon, muscle or nervous system diseases; during rehabilitation period after neck injuries, after muscle, ligament and tendon strains or tears, after dislocation of the vertebrae, and after cervical area surgeries.

Composition: polyurethane - 60 %, cotton - 27 %, nylon - 10 %, spandex - 3%

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The brace is available in heights of 8, 10 and 12 cm.

Adjustable with velcro.

Objectives: stabilization, flexible support and pain relief without restricting active range of motion.

Stabilization, flexible support and relieves stress normalizing neck muscle tone. Corrector (оrthose) is recommended at treatment of various diseases of a cervical department of a backbone and a head: moderate infringements of functions of muscles and the copular device of a cervical department of a backbone; an osteochondrosis, spondylesis, spondyarthrosis; easy instability of a cervical department of a backbone; muscular disbalance "Curving neck" at children and teenagers; myalgy (мyositis) muscles of a neck; neuralgias and neurologic pains various athyology in the field of a neck. At a stage of strengthening of a muscular corset after long, rigid immobilization at traumas of a cervical backbone department. Product establish on a forward surface of a neck, having arranged dredging under a chin, then cover the оrthose a neck and clasp it behind a fastener velcro, having adjusted length on volume of a neck. In the complete set there is the additional cotton cover improving hygienic operation of a product. Size of the restraint is decided by the neck height. This is the distance from the upper part of the collarbone to the jaw angle.