SOFT AND STRONG Knee orthosis (H 20cm) patella fix support medical bandage brace with open patella

Made of elastic material with fix support and adjustable adhesive closure. Sewing technology and support helps to fix and stabilize patella in correct position.

Recommended for the patellar ligament looseness, strain, tear, immersion, after patellar ligament plastic surgery, chondromalacia.

Composition: color yarn 52 %, white morw 28 %, spandex 20 %

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Recommended to be used during rehabilitation period. The brace does not restrict active range of motion, prevents from injury. Designed to stabilize the knee.

Colors: grey, black

Side: right, left

Size: XS/1 - 3XL/7

Product length up to 20 cm

Velcro fastenerts

Recommended as a preventive medical aid for fixation, protection and support of the knee bones, ligaments and soft tissue. Perfect for For Arthritis, ACL, Running, Basketball, Meniscus Tear, Sports, Athletic.

To select the size it is necessary, preliminary having measured, a circle of a leg under a patella. Carry a bandage, putting on directly on a body or a cotton stocking. Bandage have an open cup in their design, model are provided with fix insert, which ensures additional stability to the knee joint. Also, the design of these dressings is divided into a separately adjustable middle zone above and below the joint. During durable (more than 2-3 weeks) are desirable joint application of a complex of physical exercises for strengthening muscles and a joint. In a complex with physical exercises the maximal result is reached: the pain decreases, the physiological tone of soft tissues is restored.