ITONUS 0310 Light ankle brace foot band support medical bandage fix for sport woman man

Recommended: ankle ligament and tendon tears, inflammation, muscle and nerve inflammation, inflammatory arthrosis, also during rehabilitation period after ankle fracture, ligament tear, anklesurgery and as prevention for sports.
Composition: color yarn 52 %, white morw 28 %, spandex 20 %

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For treatment and prevention of injuries, dislocation, sprain, oedema and protection and elastic fixation of the leg joint.

Velcro fastener

Side: right, left

Colors: grey, black

Size: XS/1 - XL/5

Recommended as a preventive medical aid, for fixation, protection and support of the ankle bones, ligaments and soft tissue.
Can be used for bandage fixation. Comes as a ready-for-use eight-flap dressing. Its lightness, softness, good heat insulating properties and ability of stretching in all directions, restraining, warming, micromassaging and compressive ones. It is warming up, blood circulation is improving and metabolic processes are activating on the tissular and cellular levels. Products reliably restrain and protect the body parts they are applied to, not restricting natural movements of muscles and joints. The load is distributed evenly. Reliably protect body from overcooling in humid conditions. Besides, the products will not only ensure reliable thermal protection but will also prevent body from various injuries and traumas.