Shoulder brace orthosis support fixation medical bandage for sport and work

Recommended to be used during rehabilitation period. The brace does not restrict active range of motion, prevents from injury, and is designed to be used during sports. Indications: shoulder ligament and tendon strains, injuries, and inflammations, brachial plexus diseases.

Composition: color yarn 52 %, white morw 28 %, spandex 20 %

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Side: right, left

Colors: grey, black

Size: XS/1 - XL/5

Velcro fastener

Elastic medical shoulder band is intended as a preventive medical aid for external fixation of the shoulder joint and measured compression of the muscles

The bandage medical elastic for fixing an shoulder is intended as treatment and prophylactic means for external fixing, protection and maintenance a condition of rest of the copular apparatus and soft tissues. Possesses thermal and micro massage influence. Renders a moderate compression, improves blood supply, stimulates exchange processes in subject tissues, in  a skin, in hypodermic fatty cells and muscles. Are used at the period of rehabilitation after operations in the field of an shoulder.  Protects from various traumas of a joint at impacts and falling, at playing sports and physical activities.