ITONUS 0012 Dorsosacral support (H 27cm) osteoporosis belt strong fixing medical bandage woman man

Thoraco-lumbar spine support and stabilization, complex management of simple vertebral fractures, intervertebral disc hernia, lumbar injury, muscle strain, lumbar back and abdominal muscle weakness, management of the conditions resulting from osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, treatment of radiculitis, spondylitis, following surgery.

Composition: polyester 50 %, rubber 30 %, cotton 10 %, acrylic 10

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H=27 cm
Colors: beige, black, white
Size: XS/1 - 4XL/8
The belt is intended for more rigid fixing at displacement of backbones disks and instability of a lumbar department of a backbone. It is applied during the rehabilitation period after a various sort of traumas and operations in this area. Rigid inserts in the field of a lumbar department densely and reliably fix a backbone.
The support does not restrict active range of motion, prevents from injury.
During rehabilitation treatment after spinal column traumas; osteochondrosis with spinal instability, spondylitis, the consolidated fractures of lumbar vertebra, hernias of lumbar intervertebral disks. For fixing and unloading of a lumbar department of a backbone at osteochondrosis, radikulopatis and neuralgias, for protection of a backbone at heavy physical work.
Put on a belt directly a body or cotton linen. The product is recommended to be put on in a prone position on an equal rigid or semi rigid surface. Strengthening straps allow additional regulation of the degree of compression.