ITONUS 9509 Warming lumbosacral woolen belt H28,5cm radiculitis neuritis support easy fixation elastic medical bandage

Recommended to radiculitis, neuritis, for prevention of moronic-dystrophycal changes inside the vertebral column. The belt gives moderate fixation and compression. The belt acts with heating and micromassaging effects. It provides light support and keeps the back muscles warm.

Composition: cotton - 43 %, sheep's wool - 33 %, polyester - 14 %, latex - 10

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Colors: brown

Size: XS/1 - XXL/6

Recommended to be used during rehabilitation period. The support does not restrict active range of motion, prevents from injury. Medical elastic belt for treatment and prophylaxis of radiculitis and neuritis. Eases back muscle pain and relieves tension, accelerates recovery process. Due to gentle support and improvement of blood microcirculation belt also has positive effect on internal organs. It is also recommended for people who are working in cold weather and draught or have extra pressure on the lumbosacral spine.

The size is selected by the waist circumference. The waist belt is worn by putting it over cotton underwear or directly on the body. The external part of the waist belt is made of wool and the internal part - of cotton. To enhance a thermal effect, if required, the waist belt is worn with the woollen part to the body, and, to enhance a massage effect, with the cotton side.