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TONUS 9509, Warming belt, Ortoz, Easy fixation, Elastic medical, TONUS ELAST

Belt is prescribed for fixation and prophylaxis of radiculitis, neuritis, for prevention of moronic-dystrophycal changes inside the vertebral column. The belt gives moderate fixation and compression. The belt acts with heating and micro-massaging effects.

Composition of raw materials: cotton – 43%, semi-wool – 43%, latex – 9%, polyester - 5%

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Belt medical elastic is used in the medical centres, sport clubs and health centres, as well as at home. The size is to be chosen according to circumference of the waist by the scale on the package. It is prescribed to wear the belt over the cotton underwear or directly against the naked body. In prophylactic purposes it is recommended to wear the belt within 2 to 4 hours per day, taking it off for a night. With the purpose of curing wear the belt up to 24 hours by courses in 7,14,21,28 and more days according to the directions, given by the doctor in charge. If to wear the belt more than 30 days, a break in 3-7 days is recommended between the courses. The compound of raw material, used in the model of TONUS 9509 has modification of successful combination of the cotton and wool treatment according to ancient receipts and modern polysynthetic compounds. The belt has a structure of triple elastic interweaving, outer part of which is made out of wool material, inner part - out of cotton. Elastic threads make a loop precisely behind the cotton loops, not seen outside. For better heating effect the belt is advised to wear by woollen side against the body, for better massage effect wear the belt by cotton side against the body.