PREMIUM STRONG Postsurgical belt Postnatal bandage medical bandage strong fixation support

The brace has a double fastener - front part tightness and height can be easily adjusted. Recommended in case of vertebral dislocation (spondylolisthesis), following abdominal surgery. Muscle separation, in case of muscle weakness afterpregnancy, for abdominal hernia support.

Composition: cotton 45%, polyesters 35%, elastane 17%, nylon 3%

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Elastic brace with a textile back or with 3D fabric. It is prescribed to wear the belt over the cotton underwear or directly against the naked body.  To put on the belt, better lay upon the back on a smooth, hald ar semi-hard surface: At full breathing out drag the belt tightly against the body and fix it by velcro fastener. In the process of wearing, belt gives light effect of pulling one's abdomen up. It must be mentioned additionally, that belt intensifies blood circulation towards soft tissues.

H=25 cm
Colors: beige
Size: XS/1- L/4