TONUS 0511, Medical belt for inguinal hernia treatment, double-sided with removable inserts TONUS ELAST,

Conservative treatment of inguinal hernia and prevention of post-hernioplastic recurrences. Also recommended for patients with surgical contraindications.

Composition of raw materials: polyester – 50%, latex – 40%, cotton - 8%, polyamide - 2%

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Attention! This belt should only be used under medical supervision.

The hernia belt can be used in a hospital, clinic, or home environment by an individual trained in techniques of reducing reducible inguinal hernias. The correct size can be selected by measuring your hip circumference and referring to the sizing guide. The belt can be worn directly against the skin, or on top of cotton linen. The product consists of two elements: a front panel with pockets for detachable cushions and a waist band, connected by velcro strips. There are also adjustable perineal straps, that pass between the legs and can be attached to the belt by means of velcro fasteners.

You should not experience any discomfort if the belt is worn correctly. Do not overtighten the belt, as it is necessary to maintain a good blood supply to the soft tissues. The slightest discomfort indicates that the wrong size has been selected. If subsequent use of the product causes discomfort, it is necessary to seek medical advice. Unless otherwise stated by a doctor, the belt is recommended to be worn between 2 and 24 hours per day. For senior citizens the product should be worn in cycles: from about five to ten minutes to the stage when comfort is achieved, at one to two hour intervals.