TONUS 0012, Belt with straps for lumbar fixation, Medical belt, TONUS ELAST

Elastic medical belt, crossed, for lumbar spine fixation for patients with inter vertebral disc slip and spinal instability.

Structure of raw material: polyester – 66%, latex – 34%.

Velcro fastener.

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The belt can be used in medical, sports establishments and in-home.

To select the size of a product it is necessary on a circle of a waist according to a scale specified upper. Put on a belt directly a body or cotton linen. The product is recommended to be put on in a prone position on an equal rigid or semi rigid surface. At carrying the belt causes sensations of smartness in the field of a stomach and supports in lumbar area. It is necessary to pay attention to good blood supply of soft tissues. For preventive maintenance it is recommended to carry a product from 2 till 12 hours in a day and to remove for the night. The belt can be applied to treatment after consultation with the attending physician. If use of a product nevertheless causes discomfort, it is necessary to consult in addition at the expert.