Reduced price! ELAST 0009 "Kira Comfort", belt for expectant mothers, with a reinforced back, TONUS ELAST View larger

ELAST 0009 "Kira Comfort", belt for expectant mothers, with a reinforced back, TONUS ELAST

Elastic medical belt for expectant mothers, with increased comfort level. Helps relieve tension on the lower back and supports the abdomen during pregnancy – between six and seven months to delivery.

Velcro fastener.
Special leg cut back, doubled cotton.

Structure of raw material: polyamid - 50%, latex - 18%,  foam polyurethane - 20%, cotton- 12%

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The supporting belt put on in the morning for all day, within day remove for the period by carrying out of procedures, and completely remove for the night. To select the size it is necessary directly on a circle of hips under a stomach. The high back of a product is in addition strengthened by special inserts, which provide comfort of a lumbar department of a backbone on late terms of pregnancy. Prior to using the belt for expectant mothers, it is required to consult the attending doctor.

The product consists of separate parts: padding, which is put under the belly; the main part, which is put on the backbone lumbar section.

The procedure of putting on the belt:

  1. In a lying position, put on the padding under the belly and fix it with an elastic band to create a feeling of comfort.

  2. Take the ends of the belt with both hands, put the belt under the backbone lumbar section by raising your hips and adjust the location of the centre of the belt.

  3. Fasten the belt to the padding, not pulling it. In the event of feeling some discomfort, repeat the procedure from the beginning.

The conveniently put on belt supports the belly, reduces the load on the backbone and the pressure on the urinary bladder, prevents tiredness and backache. It helps improving breathing, secures a normal development of pregnancy and creates a feeling of comfort when worn continuously. It is recommended to take the belt off for sleeping at night. The belt is convenient at daily use - is not swept up under clothes, easily be washed and quickly dries.