Reduced price! ELAST 0003, neoprene shorts for support and warming of hip and thigh joints, TONUS ELAST View larger

ELAST 0003, neoprene shorts for support and warming of hip and thigh joints, sport TONUS ELAST

Designed for external fixation and measured compression of muscles. Improve circulation, facilitates metabolism of the abdominal and hip deeper tissues, skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles. Can be used by elderly people during at load.

Composition of raw materials: aeroprene – microporous rubber – 80%, cotton – 10%, nylon – 10%

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Neoprene products reliably restrain and protect the body parts they are applied to, not restricting natural movements of muscles and joints. Thus, the load is distributed evenly. Application of neoprene products will reliably protect body from overcooling in humid conditions. Besides, the products will not only ensure reliable thermal protection but will also prevent body from various injuries and traumas.

Until recently, cellulite has been considered just as a problem of many women. Howeve r, appearance of cellulite is a signal of metabolic disease. This is an obvious warning that it is time to change the way of life, to start eating correctly and to have more physical activities. Therefore, it is better to start striving for a beautiful body at the first signs of cellulite. One of the ways to beat cellulite is to use the specially developed products - the belt and shorts. Daily wear of neoprene products for just two hours stimulates metabolism, accelerates decomposition of fat cells and excretion of slugs, strengthens muscular system and connective tissues, and improves blood circulation and lymph outflow. You will see and feel the result in just a month - fat deposit on belly and thighs will reduce, skin elasticity and resilience will be restored. However, a complicated impact on the body is required for treating cellulite. Thus, application of anti-cellulite creams facilitates smoothing of skin surface and improving its blood supply, and massage activates impact of the anti-cellulite creams, contributes to lymph outflow and improves blood supply.