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OFFICE SET "LUX" the best gift for working with computer posture corrector and wrist - carpal tunnel bandage

Posture corrector provides physiologically correct position of the spine and chest until the complete correction of posture. The bandage medical elastic for fixing a wrist or carpal tunnel syndrome.

 Micro massage effect

Belt composition: cotton - 45%, polyester – 35%, elastane - 17%, nylon - 3%

Wrist composition: polyurethane 35 %, polyamide 25 %, cotton 20 %, polyester 20 %


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Recommended for correcting the wrong posture and for prevention. Wearing the corrector allows you to "teach" how to work the back muscles, abdominals, and pelvis.  The posture corrector put on underwear, for example on a vest or a T-shirt, under condition of dense adjoining to a body. To carry a product in the beginning of treatment it is recommended within 2-3 hours per day, gradually increasing time of carrying about the whole day. For fastening effect to repeat carrying the medical elastic bearing support (1-2 weeks) every 3-4 month. If there will be questions on correction of a bearing it is better to receive consultation from the expert doctor (the neurologist, the family doctor, the therapeutist, the orthopaedist). For a more full effect corrector must be applied in combination with physical therapy, massage, etc.

The wrist bandage is intended for use as treatment and prophylactic means for rigid fixing and stabilization of wrist joint, for protection and maintenance the copular (bone) apparatus and soft tissues in a rest condition. The bandage exerts micro massage and thermal influence. The bandage medical elastic for fixing a wrist is intended as treatment and prophylactic means for external fixing, protection and maintenance a condition of rest of the copular apparatus and soft tissues. Renders a moderate compression, improves blood supply, stimulates exchange processes in subject tissues, in  a skin, in hypodermic fatty cells and muscles. Are used at the period of rehabilitation after operations in the field of an elbow joint.