ELAST 0109-01, TONUS ELAST, Elastic medical lower back posture corrector, with stiff modelled inserts

Elastic medical lower back posture corrector with stiff modelled inserts intended for the prevention in posture and spinal curvature.

Structure of raw material: polyester – 30%, polyurethane foam - 25%, latex – 20%, cotton - 15%, nylon 10%.

Velcro fastener.


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It is recommended with initial signs of scoliotic spinal deformity, after spine operations and thoracic and lumbar spine traumas (injuries and compression fractures), for correction and acquiring skills in maintaining normal posture.

The posture corrector is intended for prevention and elimination of fault in posture and spinal curvature (stoop), rehabilitation after traumas at thoracic and lumbar spine, prevention of fractures at osteoporosis.

Medical Indications

• complicated faults in posture;
• scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis of the first, first-second degrees;
• compression fractures of vertebral bodies (not more than three) of the first and second degree of compression, including elderly people who suffer from osteoporosis;
• rehabilitation period after concomitant injuries and surgeries;
• degenerative spine disease and spondylopathy (Calve, Scheuermann-Mau diseases);
• osteochondrosis, spondylosis, intervertebral osteoarthrosis, dislocation of vertebra, instability, availability of intervertebral disk diseases;
• intercostal neuralgia, radiculopathy, backaches, pain in the chest, including strokes of pseudo-angina;
• violation of the structure of vertebral bodies as a result of osteoporosis, tumoral, tubercular and other processes.

Constructional features: The product is made of laminated polyurethane foam linen (internal surface – cotton) and elastic bands. It consists of five main parts: the back, which is fitted with two metal modelled stiffening ribs and two plastic waist bands, bands-strengtheners, shoulder bands and soft swabs. Movable soft swabs are located on the shoulder bands of the product and allow the avoidance of skin rubbing in the underarm area. The corrector is fixed with the help of elastic waist bands in the abdominal area. The fixation is enhanced with the use of additional bands-strengtheners. All elements of the corset are fastened with the help of contact fasteners. All parts are fastened with each other with the help of Velcro fastener that allows individual regulation of the required tension of belts and conveniently fitting the product on the body.